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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  April 10, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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t' >>layt: antoteacrs p inetentn ancond t ntvi allod ba in he>> ytasanooac p allin ttey hantannd tlooba dn isas coout a l tha t oheck c the id tchercandal n't nt t mi ck e t erfox al& iend begs ig t t ow. x ♪& ndeg . ♪ >> evyo's singi t theme s's no sw. > alis: ar theemenow. >isarhelycs >>ave:n e wo. >>layt: thankou f >>e:e waking uwo. ely wyttnk fus. a lisykind erelying w news. asy ter fdynight,in withi ane wshou of fdnit, w thiheovnment ouf shtingown,hen ey h at heovnmen11th oushrngn,n h re prve yestourdayrpriden oba relitelly d a stay vtoen lba an he te up ty a stair to e e lco u temiatalho wld enotav beenheem hiaheho gove meot shu do b >>ave:his shrling and eck uve mehu bit >>e: os ng d k po anitusis d no one eted him tus shd none ate h getimti some
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sh apausendigh fesetome w ap ause yndng ohnceesnd photo a lk obo the bget dealho to ey a broboredhe a dt e fin ro hrer.d a becese cgres f was able toet i h di ffecen cces,es w a 's w thitoplace i is opedi ffen s, y nd every wbo'shibllae o eveoy the vbl a eha tt' the kduturehaooperation i hope we kved gngorwaut ur 'coose tras isonhat eriicopa'e gngor waabt. 'c tis t evedyser from difre pces,njin gveysromre hose thi ngs ps,nj in at bd usogetr anit's ondeulhose shipends imeit buset an yo'sguys hop y hdee s nd grt time. it l ri t?yo ys >>id hope say te t'she k gr ti. of cpera on w wantri in he>> hay futue?he k i pe n. c ra w clanton: nah, hophenot, tu ?o, we' oii n la t: o, pt,alk to w pe t t mrici avebo dy w playghis upike it'ics a vebo big cperati veay as peanuik iet's the d. bi c loopedtiiks h punni e d. poo tdik stepsf euni lincoln p s memorie he id setnginln mila rmehari hape peed snet phil
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delp liapdn ck (iluglp) li >> ( tt is rinisce stemb . > anthat t tis r ainrtce m eusmmb an iatn art phide meumlpa. >>ave: iun othe pones wh he t phi thlpe. >>e: o>> e isynnei hwhe presint obama h d> yn txarect ama d txa ct horeogray. >>ave:hy d hjog, w hy rera di the>>e: dside j. g, >>layt: beuse had whe jogghegdetf on j h e >>d.ytbee ad i wat gg t haloet wa ori, aet pfeor th a i, a .s. radeoissianor >alis: he aper. . cladeon: osin >isheper. lot f mp la: nd ciumanceitotee like ev yo cijumpumg,ce aee vikery evap in staorjud talkingbout rythom g t iogethe andorhen al youutdd uphe number i tog heseemnds le ans. u u >> you'remb lutely-- em l aninans.oehner d th y're b y luly thy,e' anave thnoun d n bthete the'ave ounos tno heup, but tosy tcut about0 bliupon utllarfromhefit. t y you cuknabeder bli e ding arom sincfithet.ocra too ku veknr er in 28eng
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ncphe raoover 2 tlln p dolrs. thlasteallln l. ic b orthestl the financi crisisasic bore 16 2th fci c llsn llass. that whethe emoctsook ove and we have a athee oc1.k6 ved w trliveon dlar deci up1.6 tr li den-frd nd n u they manag to cut0 li -fdolldarnds? nhey anit'seanus, i tono cthinutg.0li ll jusar oun't belve m y'snu i rs wnon thin wer talking usn' bel m yabt he erri wbltheralngcric alyn: d of ricose ncrowic th eal: ofbodyscose strni n eirthrm e and pdyting thselv on e sback rrmnd pnow,ng ththe rlvn battlbae gi ifno th r btle thgiho iht 3fbilln wa hardthe bt cliiv e thweeks fromho 3nollwa five ee rde t omiv or lek hrom to beive ifte d. o wh's gng thapp h o there? > tewe ll ewhen gal tlypphe t the? pay>re goingwe to eanentally some cmireen gng t g tenne budget cutting a me dealen w g th ebu et20ut budge defiteal a deing20 w b t wholeithi just not w t dcrleiory hi spdi whi mea we st nve toio gry nt ospealtcahireeand e theoney heedal ntvernont sltnds ere d rend
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ty're geoieyo reaall rn co sitmes s toe eal ts. t threre w gas aeportouteahils wecoekenmedtol m. the th w at weendm toecd. he indtrli couries and oe s. nd obl wha t nd everody lise ps a c wouees g d o lsha t nvebody eerlsy ge p a w gon hlth re. yealsll rit,ve dywell joh n hh . ea bllhner ri tt, hou se saksllohn ar gb uerp f t h hisext budgets attle a h is hat h up idexbout thiudsast ni t. tl a >>ou hakn t psi ntid hasuthi s kedt nit. >> incre passie tas debt limitfnche t united steseb thesare mibltatnshe utest ncesurered atby ons gornnt. it's mor obligionnc turhed ortgofrnnt to r se'sorhebleb t flimbut tw cou raise e dtmi imt c toure rsidesent dsays wmi you tend a trede clea n ys y a bl,ss what ean mr. presidensshat a cnce yo llet cmrlepr idbi. a w ca y raise t d tyo clilet itutea ng w itca y ai prtle mau ngsutoea wnc ase prheebtaung lismit. onc asthee's no an to ea witth thli ebth where fo ingndith i cath just tell woure finthg ca tre j wl no bn tncasle
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t wno n inncheasebet mit thou someing ally rllyig inheebt t ou tameedg ly to ll.ig >>he likelyo taed the ing hea lltelcayboion he d pnnedaren thoo dg aealtca he abobo theioenvironmt, f ped arwe donoo rdse tebt hebo heceilngrotfis gng to d ca te aebtllse? il n beanketai gd tngha to theca a? cove bekendaiin tg enthef w ve don'aise ent t dt ceiling. do>> wve bn thseugh is bere d t weilon'ting. raisehe d w bthh cein evbe wet eave et'tai wherit i yes, w eceinev we defauve anerd i ioes,sre w financialef haos b ecauan ihe governmenreinci has be le t refinance ose de thaaus c ginovgen s e tefann, lldehat ov, s cingeahe onds tt a matungovs ifea wehe don rai tseat dt cmali foa we o o, onai d c tli fowe tr suo, doe havat t dohin ttrsu oeavqueson ethedotiin geithner going qu p a gam e o fhe chieienner gngith p gus. o my ceeli isen we haveoaiit itbut we cans. get cdi timyonli se ve o ouof ts prsint to itut e coneletimditioninly soutart t tpr t cut cospendiin. ly srt ou owt his,en h budt w
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a ole fas,ntasy. h bt h vertlittle inhe weayfa as real d efic heredttie and wh w was t w eaostl dictind wh asassuming a r wate oosf gwth sung a t rt o g wtthehnid es hn't periced nce was teenheer a tha ht was lriond e s time ag en aha >> cytonwhenou sasth l me agconfssions witthe conen s present,'m curious,ou nf nsit e that lead t est, ris, a futouurixg at ea ofdfaising the dt aut clioff. ai esidt bu t hado doith d t and w ec seehe rtidbuaddo ah d an any we srt a coessis fro p asinynt ama at wl sthi fro co es evsiront a wsthi evappenggain. >> t onlway wape capennngga. ra the t dnlyt lim i t wca ra lim fure cut endi and aise fu taxet sdir some c anaon of aise e two. xe andon'tome leton o e two. fl u,nd't l ising fes onhe fl u, in gweal fthy,esnhe weyocoy,d rae 100%ra on everneak 0%$2,000 o ev ak ar ati wouldn'$2t,0 s
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he probm.ti wld n' ift raise tax b ob50%if thiaink t axou youitolng tax gog upy hi% we'outiolng t ha vegoupy e'560ti billion d halar efit >> asyn:s th rig b? li d goodss. >> t t's righit tt's ow an: th ouigof cgoonodolsshiis ts gh wars e s nd ou76 c me w s 76 tn me ta in n ince the octara tinoo over theyave ce increasra the o defit yey teefo. i re haveheo te ay t fity tefo. cckbo ok ve tcred car, cuy t the up c boolok thg. edarcu >> a tsyn:eter ou ttinnto t he an:er ideol ogal ttle ant t thehe presideaiddeol hano bus in sle b a t i phesi ai t h isha buet obausle s lete fnkhe if y cut the t hbu ndin getof p ila yed paruthethood that 350 minlig dololars a p laedar ear,nd s at hat at y50ou're mli talkolgrs aut that r,s att y'rheese are lk a thutkindhaf cotessi woohehe a re ndr ith th ndsomecothsig?oo welf wgo tniddr ith me elll f id dcrioryll iorypeing, plned rentod a so rth woun't banpecein t
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dget pld nt ao h out ban n the cse. et weave getnto e inusivay cssehe geren twee eto in iv h bec involve i o eren lif mt hecimrtnvanoly, healt o re. the ifalthare ttuatn isrt an y,rrieae. the . deragove mente the satiss ri e.% ofhe mey oheal cae bra it'vesnt notust ws of m otheyal sp end,ca bect'sesotheyus are w wf oh lth eyresphed,y basihelly rire up t o ich esrehe we aysiy pop thomore forru a ic ospilar weayhan theopyhore d fo i a gepiany aar holland ahanhey s do orth he the ve panvate a hla syems. so se'oi ng ttho vehe p te wheal ofoing t reti whip walh ourre of goverent, as re the t wea partyur wts a ovoe'tt, n aecessalyhe t pty enrse all owf a theoe 't nngesressman rn' sensellsoon ts, but wrengreman goin to ha r to n've athat so ki ofon breva mping t ohar weo a cat't kibafnce e bdget a tvas g w s ching'that psint obabamae ge u ailng ts oface s ng ht p liksieban ado leeniltngho tofa nts hikenunmidodho lo nce.s >>ave:learlytiemtsd ve to olo tnc tle >>e:ndar em thtsathat l tyao wants.le the y wh usedo be in th t char ofya r lintng outhe e whse o bu in fresint obamara, an rlingut intheview ithew yorkbu
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simagane tamt hia,new a snnds ntis wthewinhkew worhke he sai dga thiew offily h r egre ts w ethrin k eking hheai djo y mfiight hsa ry,rer ng heuote i dn't wan m toht sa he dn't nt to be tehe i d n'tan budgtotdirectav d wort ke t ithe ite use fore dgtreav i or ew ow te infe htine can re becoll i csung a tnf iin n codn't wanllt toal isung tha a trap ai n,'t mant o tfoy t ap m omenfrsy, th t onc in ffi tensthhi tte houseou o inetably b ikefither andhi hse possiblyornd nebl be er a unfortunely tt' s epoctlyly nd whahappened. >> cfoytonunwhatyo yomake e ctof ts. dav yeahapp .extl c onnotatyoxakely h ig th avea pis e t hor pe isobea adminirati. >> orwell i thi nk iobtmiti >> rle ct we l iorlyhin ieter rle ly ozang and tet residt te cosin him, ozaand idt e tal l cos o judm,gment tudent soon with soit ithfinc thc tnche big gest th evecrnd the it' igfostolh. vend wr t'ho we hifo tha
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the w wtehi t us b usehhi hou oma wte bhi hse wooud be oiffent. onman ecidhe truth sehater i rig htwo abendffrot. onn idand eryohe irus te i r jkeroying for d yoposi itions tonfenhat jke ng ferso 's hsian nonur tandonk nfenha out me o the pro fosod h n urd ings t p re det h ohe rosa.d li b ieve tgsha t elect pri rs a the. f eli ove thact meria a hewhicis aolutnons fse. e e'reoing to si ngri gaicline aor autonnsg. . reng twhenou he a pngrede w gane a onkeg t ra. b on i deen hnd p en driolic wit h oyou'oind thave a lri oficith peon alities com tingoroi ts eaandve o so fo pe aonnd tithes omng or et ir eaectod is ualo n a t somne who etirwi. to he n budgetir toomr ihosually somneho b iudnirtohe esuly tak om deho i and thishe e bgetirtor t ha to ak ederd ahi tsoretirto thhaeo laraksterdeficit in teo hiory thenitestat the levendjustef icoued i fore hi y heflteatatioand enusveth ed fel t'fl theatioordseittive we'thve ev bn in andso y knowheittie' ev binnd kn iould, i uld ratr disgt gsed i we ildi d athi >>sg h i g a nic rume' >
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now h g he'icsot trte' he ow h e' sesum aet t cree t laest bge t i num suhs ae te t la bge i s shistry. pete tha youor bngin greatna sists. tur s dateyhaou bin mor ng.ea >>ave:naext sime y neetour sday r co. tohe >>e:t yeecouch. cotohe thatow t bris it. iriuc to iat tri ait b tio >> iton:wo wks trying b to atiow > n: wtiry g>> da : te itoee ad s lp. > al> yn:da te i i sidt know you . alwer: >> han't pt ulknl ow ou of er h let'sel plouha isof makingnws. et a gouhal' 18th bir thday o utsikiden. f pala gdelphia 1 tes airdashyl osi tu w seo ne plapede to ath a doosh t o t p tytu and seotaingpeo sot ing. oo t p whty it asover twotain teenserwereg. dead whigt ht erwo hu and enre n thede 17 -yol a dsptn ctohend 17 sol wh sp led to e cto shootg at s wh he medin te sgmple. m a new ork picemp. ow sayg athaewtx-kp pe cldoway t hax- serpal cleldrho t er dumpedle ho
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di along a dpe long i a ddilong ac la ffic ls saw t oan fnt mpg gund d emicberaw af fnt looking f g gd -y dr-emdber afnonoo kigilbert. anddou of bodies av e n beengiidlbtit.allf tndmf bies en proitlutes f m w vio ju rel eaod tes vi ju kushimaeld t sh nuclear plantucarow plaow with ideo sng itei hit by the wih idtsunam ng it and he erg cyty rpoun ams i d tok eoyrgcy t rrapoing ja ineseokops o t cosam oatioand arcand reue ef rts. am io td rcndteel re beams efrt tromheel bms world ro tre ceer are trave wtoldo intrana,ceo a traarofo aemorialina, o hon victim of aand emen iaoul it wa s n hrly vidaimr-chslerade o, thd e tn ou wnd iwass coue ar imstilchopeneror me y. th t wnds ouar ilen m
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. >> ibrohtack aot io ac mek rianduot wtchg it me u wchg i ef and ten yrs lat'mef atienrs yi. at >>'m teml ground brki i set f mal gun d tse are br ykir i s f headlines. t and overro rhe nd o p oo r upn risch facoebk up isage, it'sac sprkin aun ree, and yout's s g angry re a ou sponses g f aeorypl with 12 in eson osow. f >>eono w 1 in ses o is.pring >>nd s ipr suerout ere mewhe. >>layt: sowher alin: a say a, sut e wh na>>ytsoer aay >> e ve serious snaumr tepera rea.s,prinfor ome e pevele f sallyio s ar tera ls,in re wi er gpeng f olyacss parts ofhe wt. l thtake look awihe g oac pts of w nterpr s. thkeook 74 in ksas ty wareracrprs the pinsnd i k saalg w t ha evarerr weaheer that hapningglrea w thi t moing. evlastight was a r atonap ngea hi tmog. w orststht af to is mning toss w mstneta
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toto mng wisconssin a mndneta orern parts of th wisns ach orer incling e u. rt thand 'soi ng to fes t cl g theen erd oi toe'es going eehe aen preye' big go signict seveeeeath p y tbrek.ig acrs th w gnt yicoutan s see th in dn a oscrsth the youan s four corne rs winre ce miha tn aos he owesrd and crurs cne pae s ofhe azonandhis isrdhe ergy ndat'scr goingo pa ofefir a nas ande a is loo eky a'stoiideoos fm ir a tdo nd a yeooerky. ideosm ulti edornos ayeery.ed to adti inrnos amapletonedoa atond in lma oetdama froo that a ornadond t o cel lln maro is tna t tha cti ed tnaodo oropelln cr o ts anaer ty lgeed t area .p o, toay aer lgee're g oing to eabe. seeing tay gngo ei sil pres to thisxcept now t the pretosouth, isarepnd t q c nitshe he ate of wiscoh,innd t q cpoteitialloverowar ds tat ofis ndicagar so aer y rtegh llerow ar dayead, gu ysag a ao s er r tem ratu-wise daouea gu ooking fo hat emtu-wsue mmer kingtsu extremelwarmemps exemelrmps
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77ninapis a wme 77 sincineapas asumm. >> asyn:h, w could gncassu som o an:. c>> dlde:hank gyo dd om > clayn: i.oue see dn yo "waayin i for eensuperman"ou s wain orhe tch dn'tsu getrmir ou s theynd p i tn dtetubber oo ey nd for ap year iubr fo t >> asyn:n neyorkity. claon: ey g paito t y rsalinwithhis. wh hapns w an tn:yneetrk y. laback: i go tai clas srinm,ths. wh ap wport tut sying etat ome of ck t the eoplaseimpl y ha veort p sg om of a e pl feim eplha ifo e ty ha eve i us t ha ob wrealking the clsroo. >>ave:e'rerealking aboalng te hee esscltial kkedoo ou>> oe:realng ahe c ssteom fssal k somde ou rm wngingndssom f om comp et ce arm now ty' nd esntllable touyhe ir mp a owway ty' es bntk tole t the colassro and metis y bk to t ty' c pinro d ti500 ll t bac in theas sr 0 l no b159eacher in tsew th erk aa d psr u to no 9ch ins ew $,000 fi ne abu dt pov talohe pblem is $,0he00refitill hecompetent and yepem y'risehe repangtiheine
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mpenandndyeet yti'r e ritacatndeaetg i the ds yt werablenabl to mohs foea.g e thi is a yerlebl t shoocking mo . hi ater aiti for hopeing elme r tior pe eryo was stued t lea theencef the astu t reaber th rcems.f he>> and jt t t rernd. may litndre.t tre nd m alin: bausef unn rus, y ctan. re. li b seso un ru yey c atas rehockin eugh ft wait f or tsuasrm" ack h fterne itho ht oh, "go a it rneeale and obvushohth, meing wilit ha renea a li ole d anyone ow tinheil wod bac intolihe d aone cssroom, 47 t eacherd savace i he beenble ay tcro, sort of t ch ne as goack into theene clsrooandnsteoradof of aoac iohe cloo dobvteuslyof losg the bs layt: bvuslyos t bs yt: only3 of them al oyn lnlt thr jo. somsituionsitti in 3 t m theub beal l rthmsjoev get tiomngtunsti i a arinand ty' re waietiub fo hevriset and never a in acdtu tallyy'etreheai hring to fo ri ndlk aevutuban a seacly or hring to a inmpencerse n oho p, ninot cetehing. hoand e fe heyer talking
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not te abhiutg. the y geto s rtd f y erac thingki n. >>ablisy on hee fl g sid srt so of t ng tch in >>syn rflbeidr sof roosathat ty d ooaty rsalitconfct with theitnf prinpa a wteitd ah te hearing in dhere wai angeang and llectingheayre wksnd some nd of tm sa the wer ec rgetedfandliomly.e >> ave: te wasathe w t h etfali. >>e:wa abo thionoxnews.comnd hioxws.c twit ff mtw ekd. and itco insad aerekd.oddl er nd wi juice,a jercedoddl wi up jue, tcedler. alin: a sentive u shes ter.marker . li aenve te chsh yrmaerids aut ter dersityss is dsi pisital correcs ramok we rort,ou dide. rr rok we rt, de.
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[ fale nounr ] gefresbake ch, dulgt f e ocoluny br]nies geeske you , n't lgve topen ur on... olbres u t t enjusthe frig oator.. reusy-toe at ig orllsby swt monts. reto sbfinswemmon ths.refrerat secon oyourtore inemthfrat ec ourre hey sie, whdon'you e th ? 's g a ccular. than, da y e,whn'u th g cla anda is ithe ighbhood u geelm reet anyou t ma strt. ie hbod gem etanu ma tr thk yo and at jt e fit qu yo d so y j wan a sle fiin yqur ofr.ce ? oronkebarseith one yansl yof ?orkersth nemo sma busessechoo rizowiress thmo anymatherus wiselessooarri .zo re whers sue ? this sny expertingwiou ?ss ri ersu? beca se thxp knong ?thsmalbusiss wi theest chnocagy thnoles. thalsi wihet no
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♪♪ the's otheway minize tterox or: puna ty ca. ths hey ine er oti cs pr ium pune o tca li ers w wos haer cpr m to oelp utralize os rs iwoha multle-c hom. top raand or im iovedormu alslt-c omhelp elimate st. d imedmulslp imso ie s tn ev to kp yo hou elli jus itheea tway evu wa it. kyoou lirinausidy ets. y wat. keepour me sllin likeome. nay . epr sin kee.
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>> mines n pthe ho her onheastcoast, in n's he 22. erheas tsomcoe qeadl ines t veo22 s om qeadleseo iredie. sml ples smammg io a die. buildi ng asmpl ooumreoplmm g
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e iv il a noor whyoueo iraed ioiv a ornoe wcility. raedo e in cixaty f. efigers baling8 fifiger at cen axatrig ws ds bangfig e axptt to mak thi ws wdssetoday.t over akhi w6100toy. aes b neerd a 00 th fire srk byip ire cting. ip ve. dav cyo lac comnges out .th av cmuyolti-cultomurarutrs a n ducaonesmui-lto trsch an caesouor ki aboulral kibo veity. s pitalul crarectnessone vetoo itfar. pal cctss heound er oo faf. er ychildoundnd o erhi founder an founr. od mning o bo of unu.r >> goomorng of dav mr. arriun let m mngbo f start w h >>oornofu, obavr.y iriset m ag aiart weh is iag o mti-ctura iwaressnd shoumld-craran cpa bssnd he ou d e toea o cnhildrepan abthe. tno o chire a ab cyon cpa shouldnot tch it wh aapne t co thpae fsh
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6:26 am
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